Our Video Production Process

A Product With Infinite Potential

Videography is the ultimate communication tool. It effectively uses visual and audio to create a seamless, persuasive presentation. 


We offer full-service video production, working with you every step of the way from scripting to the final product. We believe in a collaborative process where the video is formed and molded using both your feedback and our expertise. 


Here is our process:

1. Consultation: We meet with you to discuss and learn about the story you want to tell.   

2. Scripting: We will take all of your information and develop a script. Then revise it to incorporate your feedback.      

3. Filming & Editing: We create and edit unique visuals that enhance and compliment your story. 

4. Draft Video: After you watch the first draft, we go back and make final adjustments to make your video fit your organization.

5. Hand Delivery: Once the video is finalized, we deliver the video to you in person as an 1080p file. 

The Result: a finely tuned product that enhances your brand. 

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780Film is a storytelling partnership that specializes in full-service video crafting.